VIDEOS: Chicago BLM Protesters Smash Pig Piñatas Dressed as Cops

Saturday, BLM activists demonstrated on the streets of Chicago by carry pig cop piñatas  and stomping on them.

Some protesters chanted “Defund, divest, throw those pigs in a well.” as they marched.

“BLM beating piñata pigs in Chicago signifying police and their funding”

CHICAGO: #BLM protesters hold paper-maché pig heads wearing police hats on sticks with red ribbons symbolizing blood coming out the bottom”

“BLM activists marching with piñata pig heads with what appears to be a symbol of blood coming out of the bottom of the pig head in Chicago”

“BLM celebrating over the severed body of a piñata pig symbolizing a police officer in Chicago”

“Today a pig piñata signifying a police officer, possibly someday a human, who knows”