VIDEOS: AFL-CIO Building in Washington DC Ransacked and Set on Fire

Sunday evening, violent rioters set fire to the offices of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) union in Washington DC.

Alex Spearman of ABC7 News shared a video of the destruction.

A report from WUSA9 offers more stunning footage.


Alejandro Alvarez shared videos and wrote:

It’s chaos out here. There’s a towering inferno in the middle of H Street near the episcopal church. That supply shed in Lafayette is up in flames. I’ve been tear gassed, my eyes and throat are killing me. I’m hearing booms from all around downtown. Holy shi*!

The AFL-CIO headquarters a block north of the White House has been ransacked. There’s a fire in the lobby, all the windows are smashed and I can hear sprinklers going off. DC Fire haven’t been able to come anywhere near this area.

Marissa J. Lang of the Washington Post tweeted:

Right after I took this video of people breaking into the facilities bldg, police fired several rounds of tear gas & pepper bullets right into the crowd. I heard one woman yell she had been hit. A flash bang went off right after. Protesters ran for it, clearing that bit of park.

Handful of people breaking glass at the AFL-CIO, some have run inside to continue beeaking things, as others in the crowd react:

“Aw, man, not the union!”
“No, stop! Unions are good!”

Big contract to last night, when protesters used this building’s plaza as refuge.