VIDEO: Woman caught trying to steal Massive TV from Florida Walmart

Fox29 reports does a 65-inch television actually fit in a shopping cart? No, not really.

That was the question and answer that a sheriff’s office in Central Florida posed to their audience after they said two women attempted to steal an oversized television.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office said the shoplifters entered a Walmart in Mulberry, Florida, on Sunday afternoon and began placing electronics in their shopping cart, including the large television.

One of the women left the store first, then the other woman pushed the cart with the television and exited the store without paying for the items, deputies say.

Authorities said security confronted the woman about her receipt but did not have one.

The sheriff’s office said the woman who left the store first then grabbed all of the stolen electronics out of the cart, except the 65-inch television, and put them in their car.

Store security was able to keep them from stealing the television.

Both women then fled the store, and now investigators are trying to identify the shoplifters.

The department said in the Facebook post, “Quite the bold attempt she made—trying to steal a TV that’s as big, if not bigger than she is.”