VIDEO: Whoopi Compares Impeaching Trump to “Celebrating the Constitution”

A giddy Whoopi Goldberg compared impeachment to “celebrating the constitution” during an emotional rant in reaction to Democrats introducing two articles of impeachment against Trump.

While Democrats are trying to enjoy the prospect of the House successfully impeaching President Trump, which they certainly have the numbers to achieve, it is extremely unlikely 20 Republican Senators would vote to remove President Trump, the number Democrats need if every Democrat and Independent votes to remote Trump.

Whoopi Goldberg:

Listen, you have to go pretty hard to destroy us. You have to do it really hard to destroy this country but there are too many people who fought too hard for too long to let that happen, and that’s why we are celebrating the Constitution.

We are celebrating our rights as Americans to say something’s wrong…

This is our right. That’s why your dad fought. That’s why your brothers fight. That’s why my father and grandfather fought and my mom and everybody else

That’s why they fought. They fought for our right to say you can’t do it this way. We have a whole list of stuff that you’re supposed to follow.


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