VIDEO: Washington Nationals Lose Pivotal World Series Game After Crowd Boos Trump

President Trump was greeted by the Washington Nationals audience with loud boos.

Of course, Washington DC is known for their overwhelmingly Democrat demographic.

The Nationals then lost the pivotal game 5 by the score of 7-1 leading some social media users to joke they fell to the “Trump Curse.”

CBS reports President Trump’s low-profile appearance Sunday night at Game 5 of the World Series drew loud boos and jeers when he was introduced to the crowd.

Wearing a dark suit and a tie, Mr. Trump arrived at Nationals Park just before the first pitch of the Houston Astros-Washington Nationals matchup. Hours earlier, he had announced that U.S. forces had assaulted the hiding place of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was killed in the raid in northeast Syria. At the same time, a divisive impeachment inquiry into the president is underway in Congress.

Mr. Trump and first lady Melania Trump entered a lower-tier box to the left of home plate as the game was beginning. At that point, his presence hadn’t yet been formally announced, but baseball fans in the section just below his suite turned to look toward the box as he arrived. Some waved at the president as he smiled and gave a thumbs-up.

At the end of the third inning, the president stood and waved to the crowd, and ballpark video screens carried a salute to U.S. service members that drew cheers throughout the stadium. When the video on the Jumbotron cut to the president and his entourage — which included a number of GOP lawmakers — and the loudspeakers announced the Trumps, cheers abruptly turned into a torrent of boos and heckling from what sounded like a majority of the crowd. Chants of “Lock him up!” broke out in some sections, including one below where the president was sitting.


Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas was excited rooting for Houston and attending the game.

Tweets joking about the legendary “Trump Curse” followed.

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