VIDEO: Warren Heckled by Trump Supporters at Airport, Shouting “Don’t Impeach”

Nevadans greeted @ewarren in Reno and let them know exactly how they feel about the Democrats’ despicable attempt to impeach @realDonaldTrump and undo the 2016 election.


Warren recently tweeted “Donald Trump is committing crimes from the Oval Office. He must be impeached—and every single person involved must be held accountable.”

NY Post reports a scrum of Trump-loving Nevadans chased the Democratic presidential wannabe through a Reno airport on Wednesday — letting her know exactly what they thought of a Trump impeachment inquiry.

In the video shared to Twitter by the Nevada Republican Party, a dozen protesters can be seen swarming the Massachusetts senator, yelling “don’t impeach” as she legs it through the terminal.

The heart-pounding clip lasts for 90 seconds, with Warren and her three staffers far outnumbered by the incensed mob who pursued her from her gate all the way to a waiting car.

“Socialism is a true form of insanity,” one heckler hollered at Warren, who maintained her composure and continued smiling and waving — at one point appearing to say, “Nice to see you!” to no one.

The group, dressed in MAGA hats and waving Trump signs, stalked Warren all the way to a waiting car — telling the 70-year-old lawmaker to “go home” as a staffer shielded her from the group and a security guard finally warned the protesters to break it up.

Nevada Republican Party state chairman Michael J. McDonald also tweeted the clip on Wednesday night, writing: “Welcome to Reno ⁦@ewarren! This is @teamtrump country!!”

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