VIDEO: Tulsi Visits “The View,” Behar Defends Claim She’s a “Russian Asset”

Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard appeared on “The View” Wednesday and immediately got into it with Joy Behar while  discussed her recent feud with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Gabbard called comments questioning her loyalty “demeaning,” while Behar questioned why Tulsi claimed Hillary is a “Warmonger.”

Soon, the topic got to whether Tulsi is a “Russian asset” as Clinton and her allies have suggested.

Behar refused to deny the claim and argued “not that that means you’re stupid, but people can be used.”

Gabbard did not buy the explanation and fired back.  “That exactly what that means though. Let me start with how offensive it is to say that I’m a witting or unwitting asset of a foreign country, working against the interests of my country, a country that I am willing to lay my life down for. So if you are saying it’s not deliberately, then you are implying that I am too stupid and too naive and lack the intelligence to know what I am doing. And that is extremely offensive to me and to every woman of color.”


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