VIDEO: Trump Trolls Critics By Joking He May Stay in Office for 21 More Years

During a high energy rally in Lexington, Kentucky Monday, President Trump needled critics who call him a “dictator” by joking he could stay in office another 5,9,13, 17 or even 21 years.

TRUMP: “Fake news media, fake news. Look at all of them.

What they don’t know is that when we hang it up in five years or nine years or 13 years or maybe 17 years or maybe if I still have the strength, 21 years.

See, now they’re going crazy. Now, they’re like, see, I told you he was a dictator. He wants to take charge and control of our country. These people are crazy.”

Ironically, while Trump was pretty clearly trolling, many of his critics expressed concerns and took his joke at face value  and proof that he wants to stay in power beyond two terms.


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