VIDEO: Trump Supporters Shout at VA Dem Claiming Charges Against Him are “Incredibly Serious”

Virginia Democrat Rep. Abigail Spanberger looked visibly very frustrated when her local town hall participants did not go along with her narrative that the charges against President Trump are “incredibly, incredibly serious.”

Trump supporters in the town hall were the most vocal and yelled “crap,” “it’s all a lie” and “he hasn’t done anything wrong.”

One man pleaded with Spanberger “Let our votes count. Don’t take them away.”


Per AmericanThinker, the Virginia General Assembly’s push for more radical gun control policies coupled with Spanberger’s “yes” vote for the impeachment inquiry after she promised to vote “no” came to a head on Sunday.  If many of her constituents weren’t paying attention to Spanberger’s flip-flop before the hearings began last week, they are now.

The mask is slipping, and the lady is no moderate.  In one exchange with a member of the audience, Spanberger, the CIA officer, apparently didn’t understand that here in the United States we are innocent until proven guilty.

“No one has dispelled or attempted to dispel or provide evidence that would exonerate the president,” she said.

“Did you really say that?  You have to prove you’re innocent?” someone else responded.

Spanberger then insisted President Trump’s conduct with Ukraine jeopardized national security.

The allegations against the President are incredibly, incredibly serious[.] … Those witnesses have all affirmed and all agreed on what happened…that the President sought to use military assistance…as leverage to get a foreign government to do what he wanted.

Many at the town hall weren’t buying it.

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