VIDEO: Trump Mocks Peter Strzok and Lisa Page at Pennsylvania Rally

Moments ago, during his Hershey, PA rally, President Trump once again mocked anti-Trump FBI lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

President Trump:

Insurance policy let’s have an insurance policy. Remember? Remember? Peter Strzok and his lover Lisa Page.. Remember?..Lisa, I love you so much Lisa, please Lisa please. Lisa, i’ve never loved anyone like you we won’t allow this to happen. Lisa, please tell me you love me, Lisa, I love you. Peter, I love you. I love you like i’ve never loved anyone and if for any reason she loses even though she’s a stone cold corrupt person, if for any reason she loses, Peter we’ve got to have an insurance policy, we have to do it….and that’s what’s been happening for the last two and a half yeas.

Per the DailyBeast, former FBI attorney Lisa Page on Tuesday sued the FBI and the Justice Department over the leaking of her text messages that prompted a barrage of public attacks from lawmakers and President Donald Trump himself.

“I sued the Department of Justice and FBI today,” she wrote on Twitter. “I take little joy in having done so. But what they did in leaking my messages to the press was not only wrong, it was illegal.”

The lawsuit accuses both agencies of violating the Privacy Act when reporters were given access to her messages with former FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok. The messages were originally part of two DOJ inspector general probes into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails and Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Page alleges that DOJ officials—including former spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores—invited a group of reporters in Dec. 2017 to view a 90-page document containing 375 text messages between her and Strzok. Senior department officials allegedly signed off on the move, and the journalists were told to not source the information back to the department.

According to Page, the messages were leaked because the department sought to “elevate DOJ’s standing with the President” amid his constant attacks on then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The timing of the leak was also allegedly important: Reporters gained access to the messages the day before ex-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was set to testify before Congress.

“Disclosure of the text messages before Rosenstein’s hearing would serve multiple goals: it would protect the Deputy Attorney General from criticism during his testimony; it would show that the Department was addressing matters of concern to the President; and it would dominate coverage of the hearing, which otherwise could be unfavorable for the Department,” the lawsuit says.