VIDEO: Trump Mocks Al Green, Calls Him a “Partisan Lunatic”

During his Tuesday night rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania, President Trump took aim at Democrats he considers “partisan lunatics” including Al Green and Maxine Waters.

President Trump:

Any Democrat that votes for this sham impeachment “will be voting to sacrifice their House majority, their dignity and their career

And some of these partisan lunatics have already said, if they fail this time, think of this, how about Low IQ Maxine Waters. How about Green?

How about Green where he says “We have to impeach him, cause if we don’t impeach him, we’re not gonna win the election.” This is what we’re dealing with.


While not a word for word quote, what Trump was referring to was when Al Green indeed said

“I’m concerned that if we don’t impeach this President, he will get re-elected.”


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