VIDEO: Trump Calls “Never Trumpers” the “Dumbest Human Beings on Earth”

During a speech given to Turning Point USA Student summit in Florida, President Trump referred to “Never Trumpers” as the “dumbest human beings on earth.”

President Trump:

Despite everything the failed ruling class has thrown at us — and don’t forget, when I came here, I didn’t have great experience. I mean, I learned quickly. I’ve been a very good spokesman. … But we went through eight years of Clinton, eight years of Bush, eight years of Obama.

So we have Bush and Clinton and Obama. So, that’s 24 years. That’s a lot of people they put in. They put in. They put in. It’s thousands and thousands of people, and they fight you. And we have Republicans, frankly, that are worse. These Never Trumpers. You have Never-Trumper Republicans.

In some cases, they’re worse than the Obama and the Clinton people. They’re Never Trumpers. These are the dumbest human beings on Earth, OK? They’re the dumbest human beings.”

We give them the judges. We give them the great military. We give them low taxes. We had the greatest tax cut in the history of our country. We give them all of these things, right? And they just hate me.

If it was Jim Smith, President of the United States, they’ll say he’s the greatest president that ever lived. But with me, they can’t get over it. But there, fortunately, aren’t too many of them left. But they are sick people. There’s no question about it.”


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