VIDEO: Tomi Lahren Champions AOC Challenger’s Efforts to Unseat the “Democratic Darling”

During a recent segment of Fox Nation, Tomi Lahren spoke to and championed AOC challenger Scherie Murray’s efforts to unseat the “democratic darling.”

Lahren warned “To some, AOC might seem like a non-threat, like an idealistic idiot with a big social media following, but make no mistake, she is a threat and she has to be challenged.”

Tomi Lahren:

Unlike AOC, Scherie knows the American Dream is not about a handout or a government check. She knows those who work hard deserve to keep more of what they earn and spend it the way they see fit,. She knows that capitalism and the free market place are key to upward mobility, economic security, and independence. She also knows how big of a threat another term of AOC poses to not only NY 14, but the country as a whole.


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