VIDEO: Tomi Fires Back at Liberal Media Attacks on Melania’s Christmas Decorations

In a new segment for Fox Nation, Tomi Lahren fired back at liberals attacking Melania’s Christmas decorations.

One of these writers was Alaina Demopoulos, who recently wrote a piece “Melania Trump’s Joyless Christmas Decorations are back to haunt your nightmares.

In the piece, Demopoulos writes:

“The Spirit of America,” as Melania so subtly calls her state-sponsored jingoism, is the most sterile of her three attempts at holiday decorating. It appears preemptively designed to be impossible to poke fun at, unlike last year’s Shining-esque color scheme or the stark-bare, dreary tree branches erected in 2017.

And yet, in a video posted to her Twitter account on Sunday, even Melania eyes her winter wonderland with a weary suspicion, like how one might view a CVS Christmas display put up in late September. 

Tomi Lahren takes issue with the media’s attacks on the First Lady’s White House decorations, saying their criticism was a “bitter and sorry attempt to attack our president by attacking his wife.”


Melania’s Christmas video – 2019.

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