VIDEO: Tim Kaine Mocked After Calling for “Impartial Justice” During Impeachment Trial

In a video made for Senate Democrats, Tim Kaine called for “impartial justice” during the impeachment trial.

Tim Kaine:

Next week, the Senate will carry out another of its most solemn constitutional responsibilities. As we begin an impeachment trial in the Senate, all 100 senators swear an oath to do impartial justice.

I’ve committed to standing by that oath, and I will not make a final decision on how I will vote on impeachment articles until all evidence has been presented.

My Democratic colleagues and I have called for a fair trial that includes relevant documents and witness testimony. I hope Senate Republicans will agree that those basic requirements for a fair trial should be followed.


Conservatives on Twitter ruthlessly mocked the video.

Best joke of 2020 so far. “Impartial”.

We all know how you will vote.

Yeah right and I’m Smokey the Bear.

Democrats are just pure evil.

Riiiiight. Impartial, just like the impeachment charges.

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