VIDEO: Taylor Silent After Ratcliffe Asks What Was the Impeachable Offense

During today’s impeachment hearing, Rep. Ratcliffe asked Ambassador Taylor to name what was the impeachable offense in the call.

Dead silence followed.

Matt Batzel tweeted:

Important question from John Ratcliffe: “where is the impeachable offense in that call?”

The blank stares in responses are devastating for Democrats impeachment effort. Neither said yes.


Rush Limbaugh noted the moment on his radio show and argued it was so bad for Democrats that Pelosi should consider shutting it all down.


RUSH: Just before the end of the previous hour, John Ratcliffe of Texas was questioning Ambassador Taylor. And he said, “Can either of you, by the way, can either of you two guys –” he didn’t say that, but, I mean, you’ve got these two foreign policy nerds up there, these Obama holdovers, and they’re ticked off. In fact, some Democrat babe just asked them, “So, there are two foreign policy channels, there’s the regular foreign policy channel that you’re in and the irregular foreign policy channel that the president used?”

(doing impression) “Yes, that’s exactly right, Madam Congresswoman, exactly right, irregular and irregular foreign policy channels. Of course, we at the interagency group here needing to talk about assistance –” use all this gobbledygook lingo. So Ratcliffe says, “Can either of you two guys name for me the impeachable offense here? Can you name for me the impeachable offense in the phone call?” Dead silence. Absolute dead silence. Taylor doesn’t say anything, Kent doesn’t say anything, they look at each other, nothing.

Then Ratcliffe tries to make a point and Schiff moves in, and Schiff starts trying to stop the line of questioning, and a kerfuffle happens. While the kerfuffle is going on with Schiff trying to make sure that no damage occurs, Taylor is trying to get everybody’s attention. He’s raving around, he’s pointing. He wants to say something.

He finally wants to answer the question: Is there anything in this phone call impeachable? Schiff sees that, stops the kerfuffle. “Ambassador Taylor, did you want to answer this?” (impression) “Yes, I do, in my Walter Cronkite voice, I definitely want to answer the question about the impeachable offense in the phone call. I definitely do.”

So Schiff thinks, my God, finally nirvana. And you know what Taylor said? “I want to remind everybody here, I’m not here dealing with impeachment. I’m not here to deal with partisan things. I’m not here, I have no interest in the outcome.” You could have heard the lead balloon drop on the chairman’s chair.

So Ratcliffe finally finds his way through the goop. “Can either of you two guys tell me what the impeachable offense is here?” Nothing. Dead silence. And then Taylor says, “I just want to remind everybody, I’m not here for that. I don’t know. I am not interested in partisanship or the outcome.”

So the answer to the question, “Could either of you two guys identify the impeachable offense,” is, “No, we don’t know what the impeachable offense is.” Pelosi, are you getting close to making a decision on shutting this down?

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