VIDEO: Tapper Confronts Schiff With Poll Suggesting Impeachment Could Make Trump “Stronger”

During a segment on CNN, Jake Tapper confronts House Intel Chair Adam Schiff with polling showing the majority of Wisconsin voters opposing impeachment.

Tapper asks Schiff if he’ll continue with impeachment “Even if it costs you support, Democratic support in the House of Representatives, ultimately you could lose the House and it makes President Trump stronger.”

Schiff argued “the public support for impeachment has grown fairly dramatically in the last two months” despite polling from Emerson showing support for impeachment has dropped since October. 

Schiff also claims impeachment should not be about politics, telling Tapper “If there is not some deterrent, even if it doesn’t mean that the Republicans provide the kind of support for the Constitution that they should, if there isn’t some deterrent we can darn well be sure this president will commit even more egregious acts in the months ahead.”


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