VIDEO: Steve Scalise Eviscerates Impeachment Resolution “This is Soviet-Style Rules!”

Per Fox News, a sharply divided House voted Thursday to approve a resolution setting “ground rules” for the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, putting lawmakers on record over the contentious process while setting the stage for proceedings to move into the public eye after weeks of closed-door depositions.

The measure passed largely along party lines, 232-196. Two Democrats defected on the vote.

One highlight of the heated debates was the critique of Rep. Steve Scalise. 

DailyCaller reports Republican Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise took to the House floor Thursday to criticize the “sham process” that he said the Democrats’ impeachment resolution would cement.

Scalise argued that House Democrats had been engaging in Soviet-style tactics and that the proposed resolution, which only gives Republicans and President Donald Trump the chance to call witnesses or present a defense if the Democratic committee chair approved, was no better.

“No rights for the minority unless the chair so designates,” Scalise began. “In fact, in this resolution it allows the chair to veto even the ability for the president to have legal counsel in the room. If the chair chooses at his whim they can kick out the president’s legal counsel.”

Scalise called the move “unprecedented,” and then took it a step further: “This is Soviet-style rules. Maybe in the Soviet Union you do things like that where only you make the rules, where you reject the ability for the person you are accusing to even be in the room. To question what’s going on. For anybody else to call witnesses. When only one person has the right to call witnesses,” he added. “And as we saw just the other day, the chairman was literally directing the witness to not answer certain questions by the Republicans. What kind of fairness is that?”


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