VIDEO: Sondland Admits to Rep. Stefanik Trump Told Him “NO Quid Pro Quo. I Want Nothing”

Moments ago, GOP Rep. Stefanik questioned Ambassador Sondland, poking multiple holes into his own conclusion that his directives from Rudy Giuliani amounted to a “Quid Pro Quo.”

During her questioning, Rep. Stefanik brought up Sondland’s own testimony where he admitted President Trump never told him directly that the aid was conditioned on the investigations.

In addition, Sondland recalled Trump specifically told him “No Quid Pro Quo.”

Earlier GOP counsel Steve Castor tore into Sondland’s credibility and called him out for what he called the “trifecta of unreliability”

“You don’t have records, you don’t have your notes because you didn’t take notes. You don’t have a lot of recollections. I mean, this is the trifecta of unreliability.”

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