VIDEO: Solomon, Regan Believe AOC, Omar’s “Squad” Controlling Senior Democrats

During a recent segment on Fox Business, John Solomon and Trish Regan argue that the progressive “squad” is controlling Senior Democrats including Pelosi’s decision to hold the articles of impeachment.

Trish Regan:

The idea that Nancy Pelosi with the background she has and the years of experience is suddenly being pushed around by a bunch of freshman Democrat women that it’s questionable sometimes what their motives are. I think that tells us a lot. What do you say?

John Solomon:

Yeah listen I had an “aha” moment a couple weeks ago. I was up in Connecticut and it’s a blue blue blue state, you know and people there were scratching their head trying to figure out what was going on with Congress. They do not like this impeachment. They do not like the charade that it’s become. They understand in America this is a serious undertaking that hasn’t been taken very seriously by the party and I was getting questions as a journalist, why are they holding it back when they said they were in such a hurry? and isn’t the transcript out and there was no talk of aid in the transcript? and I said you’re right and the American people are more attuned to the facts than the Democratic party are and I think they’ve taken this act to appease a very small wing of their party.