VIDEO: Sharpton Claims Harris Was Held to a “Different Standard” as a Black Woman

Reacting to news of Kamala Harris dropping out of the 2020 race, Al Sharpton claimed the media treated Harris badly and she was held to a higher standard as a black woman.

Al Sharpton:

I think she was definitely treated badly by the press.

I’ve never seen a candidate taken apart the way she was in the last several days. Yes, there are organizational problems.

Yes, there were financial problems. You have people on that debate stage with no organization at all, and the press is not writing about it.

… Women are held to a different standard, and black women especially are held to a different standard.


Harris told Axios in Late October that she openly worried that Americans have “a lack of ability” to imagine a black, female president in a video

“I have also started to perhaps be more candid talking about what I described and what I believe to be the elephant in the room about my campaign,” Harris said. “Electability. You know, essentially, is America ready for a woman and a woman of color to be president of the United States?”


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