VIDEO: Shark Tank Star Says Chance Trump Will Lose in 2020 is “Zero”

During an interview with CNN, Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary Gave a zero percent chance of President Trump losing in 2020.

Kevin O’Leary:

There has never been in modern times a president that has had his economy at under four percent unemployment, has ever lost his mandate ever! And so even with impeachment, even with all the crazy stuff, the chances that this administration will lose it’s mandate with unemployment under four percent, is zero. 


O’Leary had similar enthusiasm for Trump’s prospects during a recent CNBC roadshow.

Per CNBC, at the CNBC Disruptor 50 Roadshow in Philadelphia on Wednesday, the financial expert and “Shark Tank” star blamed past administrations’ regulation-heavy policies and applauded Trump’s push to eliminate the red tape for companies nationwide, facilitating the lives of America’s small-business owners.

“Like him or hate him — don’t care. But the policy that’s come out of there in the last two years has ripped all that stuff out,” O’Leary said. “You don’t see it; we never talk about that stuff. But it’s small things like that that all of a sudden my restaurant business that I invested in — a company called Wine and Design — now we can open up in all these strip malls and sell franchises like crazy because the regulatory environment has changed.”

“If you think this administration is getting voted out in the next election, you are 100 percent wrong. Where I go to Amarillo, Texas; Champaign; Urbana; Fargo, his name is painted on the barn, and I see it for miles around. And look, I’m not trying to advocate here for it. I’m just telling you, if you think sitting in Boston or Philly or New York or LA that’s America, that’s not America. I go to America, and they love what’s happening,” he said.

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