VIDEO: Schiff Claims the GOP is “Deathly Afraid” of Impeachment Trial Witnesses

Lead impeachment Manager Adam Schiff claimed on “Meet the Press” earlier today that GOP senators are “deathly afraid of what witnesses will have to say” in President Trump’s impeachment trial.

Schiff also claimed that Republicans are hoping to “deprive the public of a fair trial.”

Schiff then claimed that there is no real “exoneration” for Trump since he believes Americans will recognize that “the country did not get what the founders intended.”

Adam Schiff:

They don’t really contest the president’s scheme. They don’t say ‘No, he didn’t try to get foreign help in the election.’ They don’t say that there was no evidence that he was conditioning the aid. They just try to make the case that you don’t need a fair trial here, you can make this go away.

But look, if they’re successful in depriving the country of a fair trial, there is no exoneration. There is no exoneration. Americans will recognize that the country did not get what the founders intended because they put the word ‘try’ in the constitution for a reason.


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