VIDEO: Schiff Claims Republicans Have “No Reason to Call Me as a Witness”

Appearing on “Meet the Press,” Adam Schiff argued Republicans have no reason to call him as a witness.

He went further and claimed if they do call him as a witness “they have made the decision to not take this process seriously.”

Adam Schiff:

“Look, if the Senate wants to call me as a witness, then they have pretty much made the decision not to take this process seriously. I’m not a fact witness. I was a chairman of one of the committees doing an investigation. I’m not in the shoes of a special counsel, I don’t work for the Justice Department. All I can relate is what the witnesses in the open hearings and that’s no reason to call me as a witness,”


Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C. is one of the many who disagrees.

Per TheHill, Graham was asked during an interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity if senators would try to call Schiff, his staff, the whistleblower or Hunter Biden as part of an impeachment trial.

“As a matter of oversight, I’m not going to call a House member, but if you impeach the president of the United States, I want to find out if in fact Schiff and his staff met with the whistleblower,” Graham said.

“So if there’s a trial in the Senate, one of the witnesses will be Adam Schiff because if he in fact did meet with the whistleblower and coach the guy up, I think that’s relevant to the impeachment inquiry itself,” Graham continued.

Graham appeared to be referring to a moment during the public impeachment inquiry hearing earlier in the day when Schiff pushed back against an accusation from Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) that he knew the identity of the whistleblower whose claim is at the center of the House impeachment inquiry.
When Jordan said Schiff was the only member of Congress who knew the whistleblower’s identity, Schiff responded, “As the gentleman knows, that’s a false statement. I do not know the identity of the whistleblower.”

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