VIDEO: Schiff Claims “I Do Not Know the Identity of the Whistleblower”

Moments ago, in a moment that has since gone viral and will be scrutinized for some time to come, House Intel Chair Adam Schiff claimed “I do not know the identity of the whistleblower, and I’m going to make sure that identity is protected.”

Ryan Saavedra wrote

Schiff has repeatedly falsely claimed that his team has not spoken to the whistleblower

The Washington Post debunked Schiff’s false claim, giving him “4 Pinocchios” for his lie


House Republicans tweeted

Adam Schiff just claimed he doesn’t know the whistleblower’s identity.

He deliberately mislead the public about his office’s connection with the whistleblower and reportedly knew about the complaint before it was filed.

Wapo fact checker Glenn Kessler did indeed give House Intel Chair Adam Schiff 4 Pinocchios for his claims that he had not spoken directly to the whistleblower.

In addition, Kessler says Schiff intentionally tried to mislead the American public during an appearance on MSNBC.


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