VIDEO: Schiff Argues Taking Out Soleimani Will Make Americans Less Safe

Appearing with Jake Tapper on CNN, House Intel Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) claimed the intelligence does not support the conclusion that lives have been saved with Soleimani’s death.

Schiff also argued that he believed the move will “increase the risk to Americans around the world.”

Rep. Adam Schiff:

It was a reckless decision that increased the risk to America all around the world, not decreased it. When Secretary Pompeo says that this decision to take out Qasem Soleimani saved American lives, saved European lives, he is expressing a personal opinion, not an intelligence conclusion.

I think it will increase the risk to Americans around the world. I have not seen the intelligence that taking out Soleimani was going to either stop the plotting that is going on or decrease other risks to the United States.

The question is, did the plotting here rise to the level that required his elimination from the battlefield? Would that elimination stop the plotting, or would it accelerate it? Or would it make the attacks in the United States greater or not worse?


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