VIDEO: Scalise Accuses Schiff of Trying to Impeach Trump “In Secret, Behind Closed Doors”

Rep. Steve Scalise blasted Adam Schiff and what he considers a lack of transparency and sham process in an attempt to impeach President Trump.

Steve Scalise:

What is Adam Schiff trying to hide? I think that’s the question so many people have, so many of my colleagues have, so many people in the press should have is through those hidden closed doors over there, Adam Schiff is trying to impeach a President of the United States. Behind Closed Doors.

Literally trying to overturn the results of the 2016 election a year before Americans get to go to the polls to decide whose going to be the President and frankly it should be the people of this country who decide whose going to be the President, not Nancy Pelosi, not Adam Schiff in Secret, Behind Closed Doors.

The fact that Adam Schiff wont’ even let the press in. You can’t even go in and see what’s going on in that room. Voting members of Congress are being denied access from being able to see what’s happening behind these closed doors where they’re trying to impeach the President of the United States with a one sided set of rules.

They call the witnesses. They don’t let anybody else call the witnesses.

They don’t even let the President’s legal counsel question people who are making baseless allegations. Maybe in the soviet union this kind of thing is commonplace. This shouldn’t be happening in the United States of America where they’re trying to impeach a President in secret, behind closed doors. The American people deserve better. We will demand better.

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