VIDEO: Rush Reacts to IG Hearing, Slams Claim of “No Bias” in Russian Probe Origin

During his Wednesday radio show, Rush Limbaugh reacted to Inspector General Horowitz’s hearing and slammed claims of “no bias” in the Russia Probe origins.

From RushLimbaugh


Dianne Feinstein asked one question 10 times. “You didn’t find any political bias in any aspect of the –” “Well, we didn’t find any documentary testimonial evidence.” And then Pat Leahy, Senator “Leaky” Leahy, gets to his turn. It’s obvious that they’re trying to create a series of sound bites for the Drive-By Media that say there was no bias whatsoever in the beginning or the decision to begin the investigation into Trump-Russia collusion.

They’re going overboard on it. They’re making it obvious that there was political and other kinds of bias. There was political bias, there was personal hatred bias, and they’re making it obvious here by harping on it. I mean, Feinstein must have asked Horowitz four or five different times the same question, and he delivers the same dry, dull, boring answer. (imitating Horowitz) “Yes, we found no evidence of any documentary or testimonial bias.” And all that means is that nobody admitted to it.

But let me tell you why there was political bias. Aside from common sense, political bias was delivered to the FISA court in the form of the Clinton campaign’s hit job known as the Steele dossier. The FBI knew what the Steele dossier was. The FBI knew that it was bogus. The FBI knew that it was totally made up, and they used it repeatedly to get warrants and warrants renewed to spy on this poor guy, Carter Page.

The FBI knew where it came from. The FBI knew it was garbage, as Lindsey Graham has specified and has made clear. And there’s no reason to knowingly use something that’s garbage unless you’ve got bias driving you. It is paramountly obvious that bias is what drove this. They know it, the Democrats know it, and the Drive-By Media know it. That’s why this constant harping on the fact that there was no bias.

I’m not kidding. Feinstein must have asked this guy five times as though she had never asked it before. “And your conclusion is that there was no bias at the beginning?” “That’s right, Senator, we have found no bias.” And then Leahy, who can barely speak anymore, (mumbling) “No, Senator, we found no bias whatsoever, no testimonial, no documentary, couldn’t find any evidence.” (mumbling)

They know they’ve been caught, folks. They know they’ve been damned because outside of that, everything in this report is an indictment. And even Horowitz said today that there’s not a single person vindicated in this operation. He was asked this question about Comey specifically. Let me find the bite. It’s one of the last bites that I have here. Yeah. Grab sound bite number 17. This is Lindsey Graham talking to Horowitz. And here is the quick question and answer.

GRAHAM: Former FBI Director James Comey said this week that your report vindicates him. Is that a fair assessment of your report?

HOROWITZ: I think the activities we found here don’t vindicate anybody who touched this.

RUSH: Don’t vindicate anybody who touched this. But there wasn’t any bias. Oh, no, we didn’t find any bias. “You didn’t find any bias in the beginning of the investigation?” “No, sir, no, Senator, we found no evidence of any bias whatsoever.”

Bias is why they did this. Bias is why they used a bunch of garbage, the Steele dossier. Do you realize it has been made abundantly clear here that when the FBI suspected the Russians may have had something to do with hacking or whatever Hillary’s campaign or server, that they went in and briefed her, and it was elicited even from Horowitz himself that the FBI did no such thing when they thought the Russians might be involved with Trump.

They didn’t inform Trump, they didn’t tell Trump, they didn’t warn Trump. Instead, you know what they did? They sent an agent to conduct a 302. That means an investigation. When the FBI was briefing Trump, they sent an agent in to conduct an investigation that nobody knew was going on.

In other words, the agent was just there as part of the contingency and Trump was getting a briefing about something, who knows what it was. There was an agent in there that was ready to copy down anything Trump said that they might be able to use and convert in their non, unbiased effort to destroy him.