VIDEO: Rush Limbaugh “This could end up being one of Trump’s best weeks”

During a recent episode of his popular radio show, Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh explained why this could be President Trump’s best week.


Well, how many times, though, have we been told in the last – we’re getting close to three years now — how many times have we been told this is Trump’s worst week? How many times have we been told the walls are closing in on Donald Trump? They are too numerous to count. I think the first time they said that Donald Trump had no prayer was on his way down the escalator in June of 2015. And then after his opening remarks announcing his candidacy that everybody was laughing at, “You don’t have a prayer. You can’t say that kind of stuff about Mexicans. Donald Trump has no prayer.”

So we’ve been hearing this for three years. And every poll that they have ever published has predicted Trump would be wiped out in the next test, be it a special election, be it a primary, be it a piece of legislation, whatever was next on tap, Trump was going to lose. Trump was going to be wiped out.

But let’s go back to Harold Ford Jr. What does Harold Ford Jr. know? He knows something. He is connected. He’s a Democrat praising Pelosi as the most mature politician in Washington, acknowledging that she didn’t really want to do this.

She’s now put Schiff, not Nadler — this is key. She had Nadler or Schiff. She could have directed all of this to happen with Nadler’s committee. But she chose Schiff. She chose a bug-eyed, lying sack of excrement to be the face of this. And I’m telling you, folks, that carries with it a lot of risk.

This could end up being one of Trump’s best weeks, because the curtain is now being pushed back. And people who have not been following this so-called impeachment inquiry are now not gonna be able to avoid it, because the Drive-Bys are gonna televise all of it. If they have to invent networks to put this thing on, they will do it. You’re not gonna be able to miss it.

But, yes, you can miss it. Tune in here tomorrow. We’re not going wall-to-wall about it. I might do some play-by-play of it, but we’re not gonna go wall-to-wall. We did no OJ none of time too. We didn’t go wall-to-wall with OJ. It kind of ticked off my LA affiliate at the time.

But I said, “Look. Everybody else is doing this. Why you want to jump on that cart? I want to be the one place not doing it.” So I was the one place not doing. Our audience level skyrocketed during the OJ trial. We were one of the few major outlets not going wall-to-wall with it. We’re not gonna go wall-to-wall with Schiff. But everybody else will be.

How many of you think Adam Schiff presents a good face for the Democrat Party? The Republicans are gonna try to object. The Republicans are gonna try to do some things, but they’ve been frozen out of this. And that is going to be obvious as well. But I think there are gonna be millions of Americans who are going to have the chance, anyway, who haven’t been following this wall-to-wall like you and I have been, to see what a partisan sham this whole thing is.

And they’re not gonna hear from the whistleblower. Everybody’s heard about the whistleblower, but he’s not gonna show up. Oh, by the way: new complaint filed with inspector general alleges possible improper fundraising by Trump Ukraine whistleblower. This is an exclusive to Fox News.

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