VIDEO: Rowdy Chant of “4 MORE YEARS!” at Alabama-LSU Game

Unlike President Trump’s Washington Nationals introduction that was met with significant boos and his UFC event entrance which included a mix of cheers and boos, it was all nearly all loud cheers heard at the Alabama-LSU game.

One Twitter user shared a video of part of the crowd starting a “4 MORE YEARS!” chant.


Jessie commented

“Now, thats the America I remember. Saluting our President no matter party lines , because it’s the President. They work for us & when & if they don’t that’s when we as voters change it . No matter what respect should always be given, even if it’s being silent at time but THIS”

@TDunadan responded “Bet the media won’t cover this.”

Todd Smith then added “They will claim he was booed again.”

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