VIDEO: Rep. Gaetz Mocks Pelosi, Calls her a “Demented Non-Santa Claus”

Appearing on Fox News, Rep. Matt Gaetz blasted Nancy Pelosi for holding the articles of impeachment after Democrats had claimed nothing was more urgent than impeachment.

Gaetz also mocks Pelosi with the nickname of “demented non-Santa Claus.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz:

Nancy Pelosi appears to be limping through the back nine of the delivering of the articles of impeachment. I think for regular folks in this country it’s quite interesting to see impeachment with first no crime and no victim but now no transmission of the articles themselves…

Just weeks ago it was Jerry Nadler and Eric Swalwell saying things like “nothing could be more urgent than this impeachment.” Swalwell called it a “crime spree in progress” and now Nancy Pelosi holds the articles of impeachment like some demented non-Santa Claus.


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