Video released of Chris Cuomo’s testimony on brother’s sexual harassment scandal

Over six hours of footage has been released by the NY AG’s office that show former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo giving testimony on advising his older brother, former Governor Andrew Cuomo on his sexual harassment scandal.

The DailyMail reported:

The footage shows Cuomo in a suit and tie, sitting in a law office in New York City on July 15 last year, admitting that he advised his brother, then the Governor of New York, not to ‘go after’ the women who claimed he’d sexually harassed them.

The transcript of Cuomo’s interview with the Attorney General’s office was released on November 29, but the video was only released by her office today.

He is nonchalant as he describes helping Andrew navigate the scandal – even though it posed a huge conflict of interest for him as a CNN journalist and host.

‘I was trying to help my brother. I think cancel culture is real, so does my brother.

‘I advised him that you cannot ignore these. That it’s not going to go away, not in our society, not in our media culture, not in your party.

‘I told him “you have to be aware of that. That’s why you can’t go after your accusers. It’s not right and it’s not allowed. The only path is process,”” he said of the claims of multiple women.


Many on YouTube ripped Cuomo, writing

“He doesn’t look nearly as cocky outside of CNN. but I am sure the same amount of truth will come out of his mouth.”

“CC so concerned whether document was fake – I can’t remember him asking same questions about the dirty dossier!”

“I find it hard to believe that he does not own his own computer or at least a tablet. I would never do my personal business on a company provided computer for a number of reasons.”

“He talks over her just like he was used to talking over people when he worked at CNN.”

“Remember when CNN used to liiterally advertise Chris Cuomo as a journalist who takes the powerful to task and pushes them to speak the Truth? Pepperidge Farm remembers.”