VIDEO: Pelosi Says She Fears “All Roads Lead to Putin” Ingraham Calls it a “Farce”

Fox News host Laura Ingraham reacted to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi going back to the “Russia collusion” line of attack against President Trump by claiming she’s concerned that “all roads lead to Russia … all roads lead to Putin.”

Laura Ingraham:

You knew this was a complete farce. They are back to the Russia scare again. When Pelosi went back to her security blanket, otherwise known as Vladimir Putin, watch this.

Nancy Pelosi (from footage)

Voters in America should decide who are President is, not Vladimir Putin and Russia. I’m very concerned that in all of this, all roads lead to Russia, all roads lead to Putin.


After an exhaustive investigation, Robert Mueller was unable to identify any meaningful evidence of Russian collusion in the Trump campaign, much to the dismay of many Democrats and Trump critics.

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