VIDEO: Pelosi Holds Presser, Declares “The Evidence is Clear” and Trump “Has Violated His Oath of Office”

As Ex-NSC aide Fiona Hill and U.S. diplomat in Kiev David Holmes testifed before the House Intel Committee on the fifth day of public impeachment hearings, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a press conference where she claimed President Trump “has used his office for his own personal gain and in doing so, undermined the National Security of the United States.”



In a fiery rant on the same day, California Rep. Devin Nunes argued close to the exact opposite and claimed it’s the Democrats that got caught.

Devin Nunes:

For the last three years, it’s not President Trump who got caught, it’s the Democrats who got caught. They got caught falsely claiming they had evidence that Trump colluded with Russians to hack the 2016 election.

They got caught orchestrating this entire farce with the whistleblower and lying about their secret meetings with him. They got caught defending the false allegations of the Steele Dossier which was paid for by them

They got caught breaking their promise that impeachment would only go forward with bipartisan support because of how damaging it is to the American people. They got caught running a sham impeachment process


The reaction on social media was mixed, with Trump supporters being supportive and Anti-Trump Democrats not buying it.

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