VIDEO: Pelosi Boasts “I Have a Spring in My Step” Over Impeachment

A day after their historic impeachment vote, Pelosi broke away from the “solemn” mood she is said to have orchestrated to talk about having a “spring” in her step over impeachment.

Nancy Pelosi:

We’ve been hearing from people all over the country in the last — since last night and this morning…Seems like people have a spring in their step because the president was held accountable for his reckless behavior.

It really is interesting to see the response that we are getting — bipartisan — across party lines.

I myself want to say I have a spring in my step because of the moral courage of our caucus, to see them all, so many of a hundred members go to the floor — that’s all that we had time for — to go to the floor and speak about our Constitution, about the facts of the case, so clearly, so patriotically, so prayerfully, and so solemnly — but so definitely,” according to the Democratic congresswoman.


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