VIDEO: Omar Explains Why She’s For Sanctions On Israel, But Not Iran, Invites Backlash

Julio Rosas, Senior writer for Townhall, caught up with Ilhan Omar and asked her why supports sanctions on Israel but not Iran.

Ilhan Omar:

The BDS movement is a movement that is driven by the people. The sanctions on Iran are sanctions that are being placed to create maximum pressure, by a government. That’s very different. 


Many were not buying Omar’s explanation.

One Twitter user responded:

This excuse doesn’t even make sense. Government sanctions against places like Iran are tailored to target specific people or industries. BDS requires that people boycott anyone even tangentially related to Israel, including private businesses and individuals.

And as @philipaklein points out, BDS also calls for government sanctions against Israel. Thus the S part.

“I guess she never visited the official website of BDS.”

The intended result is the same.

Truth is so inconvenient for Ilhan Omar.

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