Video of American Flag Being Removed Prior to DNC Debate Causes Online Stir

Eagle eyed social media users captured a moment that continues to cause controversy.

Prior to the most recent Democrat debate in Las Vegas, the people running the DNC debate saw an American flag on the stage and then chose to remove it.

It’s unclear if it was placed there by accident and who made the call to take it away but the moment is captured on video on the live feed.

The initial reaction from some conservatives was one of anger.

Steve Williams wrote:

@TheDemocrats⁩ just realized that somebody screwed up and put an American flag on tonight’s debate stage. Calls were made. Flunkies were scrambled. Problem solved!!!


One Twitter user replied “Democrats hate America, but certainly want Americans tax dollars.”

Another wrote “Thank God they “got rid” of that symbol of freedom, sacrifice and liberty. Just in time. It might have gotten so covered in scum from the candidates it may have to be retired. Too bad none of them noticed it was gone, probably because they requested it gone”

One Twitter user offered a possible logistical explanation:

You can see that the audience has just finished the pledge, and as they are sitting down, stagehands removed the flag so cameras could view the stage from all angles during the broadcast.

However, not everyone was buying it.

Vin Vandervan wrote “Oh please. The Flag didn’t have to be removed from the stage for the cameras. There are flags on lots of stages where cameras are filming. It could have been placed behind the podiums. Plenty of spots for the flag.”

Another Twitter user wrote:

That makes sense. Still, the Dems did vote down God and to not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in their platform at the DNC Convention in 2012 (2/3 vote, my ass), so you can see how some might take this flag business the wrong way.

Seems a bit of a “no brainer” to just move the flag to the back where it is. still a parr of the stage but not blocking the precious cameras!!

God forbid there should be an actual American flag on the stage!!! So many Democrats would be triggered!!

Flag could have easily been moved behind the candidates podiums.


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