VIDEO: Nunes Blasts Hearing as “Low-Rent Ukranian Sequel” to Russian Collusion

Moments ago, Congressman Devin Nunes delivered a fiery opening statement on the first public impeachment hearing with Mr. George Kent and Ambassador William Taylor

Nunes made the case that the hearing was a “low-rent, Ukranian sequel” to the “Russian Collusion” theory that Robert Mueller found no evidence of.

Melanie Zanona tweeted:

Rep. Devin Nunes opening statement, thus far:

-Mentions the Steele Dossier & accuses Dems of trying to get “nude photos of Trump”

-Slams the Dems’ closed-door impeachment phase as a “cult-like atmosphere”

-Blames the scandal on a “carefully orchestrated media smear campaign”

-Calls the impeachment process nothing but political theater, telling the witnesses that they have been cast in the “low-rent Ukrainian sequel” to the “Russia hoax.”


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