VIDEO: NFL Player Cut After Threatening to Kill Critics of His Play on Twitter

After a series of violent and twitter threats targeting an analyst and fans, NFL player Jermaine Whitehead has been cut by the Cleveland Browns.


Here is just a small sample of the tweets Whitehead made.

CBS reports Jermaine Whitehead sent some very questionable tweets and now he’s out of a job. The Cleveland Browns announced that they had waived the safety on Monday morning — a quick response to behavior that the team called “unacceptable and highly inappropriate.”

Shortly after the Browns’ 24-19 loss to the Broncos in Denver on Sunday, Whitehead went on Twitter and lashed out at several accounts that were critical of his play and Cleveland’s performance as a whole. Many of Whitehead’s reply tweets were vulgar and threatening in nature, suggesting he’d fight — and, in one case, kill — the person he was responding to.

Whitehead’s account was quickly suspended by Twitter and the Browns released a strong statement condemning his actions.

“Jermaine Whitehead’s social media posts following today’s game were totally unacceptable and highly inappropriate,” the statement read on the team’s website. “We immediately spoke with Jermaine upon learning of these comments. The Browns in no way condone that type of language or behavior. This matter will be further addressed internally.”

The team’s review of the incident ultimately led to a stronger statement from the Browns, as Whitehead was released early Monday morning.

Whitehead, 26, had started all eight games for the Browns this season.

Prior to being released, the safety posted a statement on Instagram.

“They tell you take the high road, when yo [sic] whole life you was taught to meet fire with fire,” Whitehead wrote in the post’s caption. “I do apologize for my performance, but having a broke hand and a strong fear of letting my team down is my downfall. Whatever happens happens.”

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