VIDEO: New Species of Beetle Named in Honor of Greta Thunberg

London’s Natural History Museum named a tiny bug “Nelloptodes gretae” to honor Greta Thunberg and her efforts to protect biodiversity.


Per CNN, a new species of beetle has been named after the Swedish teen. The beetle belongs to the family of Ptiliidae, and is not well known because of its miniature size, the Natural History Museum said in a statement.

In this undated photo issued by Entomologist’s Monthly Magazine, showing the new species of beetle Nelloptodes gretae, named after Swedish environmental campaigner Greta Thunberg.

“I’m really a great fan of Greta,” Michael Darby, a scientific associate at the museum who named the new beetle, said in the statement. “She is a great advocate for saving the planet and she is amazing at doing it, so I thought that this was a good opportunity to recognize that.”

Thunberg, 16, has established herself as a primary activist for climate change. She was the inspiration for recent youth climate protests that took place in more than 100 cities worldwide and was considered for a Nobel Peace Prize.