VIDEO: Nadler Tells Chuck Todd 2020 Election Might Not Be Fair if Trump is Acquitted

While appearing on “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler said he does not know if the 2020 election will be fair if Trump is acquitted.

Nadler also claimed Trump “will do everything he can to make it not a fair election.”

If the Democrat majority House chooses to impeach Trump, Democrats would need 20 Republican Senators to vote with every Democrat and Independent Senator for removing Trump in order to successfully remove the President. Few analysts believe this is even remotely possible.

Chuck Todd, NBC:

Let me ask this, if he is acquitted, do you think we’ll have a fair election in 2020?

Jerry Nadler:

I don’t know. The president, based on his past performs performance will do everything he can to make it not a fair election, and that is part of what gives us urgency to proceed with this impeachment.


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