VIDEO: Nadler Claims Removing Trump “Essential” So He Doesn’t “Cheat” in the 2020 Election

Rep. Jerry Nadler, one of the 7 “impeachment managers” hand picked by Nancy Pelosi claimed that impeaching Trump is “essential” so he doesn’t “cheat” by rigging the next election.

Of course, Nadler must know like everyone else, that while successfully impeaching Trump was a relative cakewalk with a Democrat House majority, to remove President Trump would take the gargantuan task of recruiting 20 GOP Senators to vote to remove Trump along with every single Democrat Senator.

There has yet to be one serious prediction from an analyst that such a feat is within the realm of reality.

Rep. Jerry Nadler:

Some people say, let the election take care of it. He’s trying to cheat in that election. So it’s essential we bring this impeachment to stop the President from trying to rig…from rigging the next election.


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