VIDEO: Nadler Argues Adam Schiff and Hunter Biden are Not Relevant Witnesses

Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union” House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) argued Republican witnesses including Adam Schiff are to be rejected because they are irrelevant.

Per RCP, House Judiciary Republicans asked for eight witnesses in total:

– The anonymous whistleblower and anyone the whistleblower relied on to prepare the complaint alleging Trump solicited election interference from Ukraine.
– House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff
– Alexandra Chalupa, a former Democratic National Committee contractor
– Fusion GPS contractor Nellie Ohr
– Former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden
– Former Burisma board member and Hunter Biden’s partner Devon Archer
– An intelligence community employee who Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman did not identify during his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee.

Dana Bash:

All eyes are going to be on your committee for the next week, maybe more. In the short-term, the Republicans are asking for more time to review documents that you just released. They also say that House rules require you to give them a day to call their own witnesses. Are you going to give them one?

Jerry Nadler:

They have had adequate time. These documents which are basically the report of the Intelligence Committee were given to them as soon as we received it but the report contains nothing new. They had their own people on the Intelligence Committee and they were there and the American people saw the public hearings and the Republicans were present at the closed depositions.

Dana Bash:

And what about witnesses. Will you give them a day to call witnesses?

Jerry Nadler:

No, we said they will have the opportunity to call witnesses. They had to give me a list of witnesses. The list of witnesses they gave, they asked me to call, I said no to because they are irrelevant. They could appeal to the full committee if they wish and we’ll have a vote on that.

But like any trial judge, you keep the witnesses to the relevancy. Adam Schiff, they wanted, is not a relevant witness. He didn’t witness anything. His counsel, according to the House rules, is going to report to the committee tomorrow. And every procedure, every fairness has been given to them. They have declined to use them. Again, they have declined — the president has declined to call witnesses. They have declined an attorney to cross-examine.


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