VIDEO: Nadler Accuses Gaetz of Trying to Disrupt the Proceedings After Fiery Exchange

Right out of the gate on Monday’s impeachment hearing, fireworks between Rep. Matt Gaetz and Jerry Nadler caused a stir.

Per Mediaite, the hearing was stopped when Congressman Andy Biggs (R-AZ) accused the Judiciary chairman of breaking House rules and not letting Republicans hold a minority hearing day.

Nadler responded to the complaints of Biggs and Ranking Republican Doug Collins (R-GA) by saying their point of order was out of place in today’s hearing, and as he tried to move things along, Gaetz started haranguing the chairman and accusing him of trying to freeze Republicans out of the hearing.

“You’re going to try to overturn the results of an election with unelected people giving testimony!?” Gaetz yelled.

“The gentleman will suspend,” Nadler responded to Gaetz while hammering the gavel. “This hearing will be considered in an orderly fashion, the gentleman will not yell out, and he will not attempt to disrupt the proceedings.”


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