VIDEO: Minister at Texas Church Thankful for Law that Allowed Heroes to Be Armed

Britt Farmer, minister at the West Freeway Church of Christ that experienced a tragic shooting, said he was thankful for the law that allowed armed church members to kill the gunman six seconds after he opened fire.

CBS 19 reports “It destroys my heart,” Farmer said at a press conference Sunday night. “It destroys it because there is evil in this world.”

Farmer thanked law enforcement for their response and the community for their prayers. He also said he was thankful for a law that went into effect on Sept. 1 allowing Texans to carry guns into church.

“I am thankful the government has allowed us an opportunity to protect ourselves,” Farmer said. “Today, our home was invaded by evil. The sad thing is, it happens all the time.”

In September, Joe Biden had called the same laws praised by Britt Farmer “totally irrational.”