VIDEO: Michigan Voter Won’t Vote for Elissa Slotkin Since She’s Voting for Impeachment

MSNBC spoke to a Michigan voter after Democrat lawmaker Elissa Slotkin announced she’d vote for impeaching President Trump.

Per RollCall, one of the freshmen who helped Democrats win a historic House victory in 2018, Slotkin flipped a longtime GOP district that Trump carried by 7 points in 2016. Her decision to vote for impeachment raises questions about whether she and Democrats like her in Trump districts will face political backlash in 2020.

“This was an issue of principle,” Slotkin told the crowd. “This was an issue in my bones.”

Ken Quint:

I wanted to hear her login on why she’s going for it. I think it’s wrong. I think the articles of impeachment, unfortunately don’t delineate a crime and I think Congress is wasting a lot of their time and our time.

MSNBC Reporter:

Would you consider voting for her after this? or does this seal the deal for you?

Ken Quint:

I think this in gonna seal the deal. I think I will not vote for her.


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