VIDEO: Michigan Trump Supporters Shout “4 MORE YEARS!” Before Rally Countering Impeachment

Trump supporters in Michigan lined up hours early, some even camping out from the night before to attend the rally that will occur at the same time as the Democrats’ impeachment vote today.

In one video, supporters can be seen chanting “4 more years! 4 more years!”

Team Trump shared a video and wrote:

Shout-out to the American Patriots lining up outside the Kellogg Arena since Tuesday night for the
See you soon, Michigan!

Per DailyMail, President Trump will hold a massive political rally in Michigan at the exact same time the House is due to vote on impeaching him.

The president is expected to fill the 9,000-seat Kellogg Arena, in Battle Creek, to capacity for a rally that will start at 7pm EST.

At the same time, representatives on Capitol Hill will be wrapping up six hours of debate on two articles of impeachment before casting their ballots on whether to send the case for trial in the Senate.

Trump is sure to attack the process, along with Democrats pushing it forward, during the rally – despite it being billed as a ‘Merry Christmas’ themed event.

Michigan is one of the Rust Belt states that flipped from Democrat to Republican in 2016 and helped propel Trump into the White House.

It comes after Trump sent a scathing letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, describing the process as a ‘witch hunt’.

‘More due process was afforded to those accused in the Salem Witch Trials,’ the president complained.

He also charged the speaker with suffering from ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ in page after page of personal attacks on Pelosi, accusing her of lying when she says she prays for him.