VIDEO: Michael Moore Admits Trump Was Right About a “Rigged” Political System

Appearing on MSNBC, Michael Moore dishes on the state of the 2020 race.

Moore argues Democrats are making a mistake if they are trying to move to the center and makes the case for Bernie Sanders being the strongest to take on Trump.

Moore also admits Trump was right about a “rigged” political system and says “the people know it’s true.”


Yahoo reports Michael Moore doesn’t normally agree with President Donald Trump, but on Wednesday’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell that’s exactly what he did. The political activist and documentary filmmaker has made multiple films criticizing the president, but he admits Trump was right about one thing.

“The people that came out for Trump,” said Moore, “I’m not talking about the racist white supremacist part but people tired of the system and Trump told them it was rigged.”

Surprisingly, Moore agreed with Trump’s stake, saying, “It was rigged and he was right when he said that.”

Some of Trump’s major talking points during his 2016 campaign were about rigged elections, as well as draining the swamp. Trump claimed he would remedy these problems if he was elected president.

Moore, however, contends that while Trump was quick to point out the problems, he has since done nothing to resolve them. Moore said, “He won on that, but he hasn’t delivered on any of that.”