VIDEO: Mark Levin Tells Trump “I’ve Known Two Great Presidents, Ronald Reagan and You.”

Conservative icon Mark Levin tweeted a video of his attendance at a White House celebration honoring Ed Meese, recipient of the Medal of Freedom.

Before Levin spoke, President Trump joked “Now nice and easy, Mark.”

Levin then delivered some emotional remarks.

Mark Levin:

“Well it’s a great honor to be here with two great men. President Trump and Attorney General Meese and it was an honor to work with you as special assistant then chief of staff through the good, the bad and the ugly and your accomplished many many things as Attorney General of the United States and you’ve always been wonderful to my family, you and Ursula, you’re family to us and you always will be and this is a great honor and I can’t think of a better person to receive it.

And Mr. President I want to thank you for everything you’re doing for this Country. I’ve known two great Presidents, Ronald Reagan and you and i’m sorry you’re going through what you’re going through but I want you to know there’s tens of millions of people who stand with you. So God Bless you.”


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