VIDEO: Malfunction Causes Red Wine to Flow Into Sinks in Italy

IBT reports for many people, especially those living in Italy, having wine on tap in your own home would sound like a dream scenario.

Recently, the small Italian village of Settecani in northern Italy experienced such a situation due to a mishap at a local winery.

After a malfunction on the winery’s bottling line, Lambrusco Grasparossa ended up in the village’s water supply after a silo began leaking due to high pressure, turning nearby tap water into a frothy, pink mixture.

Lambrusco is a type of sparkling red wine that is popular in that region of Italy.

The winery fixed the issue promptly and later apologized on Facebook.

“It was only wine, which was already ready for bottling!” the winery said in its statement.

Village officials also took to Facebook to address the situation, assuring residents that the issue had been resolved and did not pose any health risks.

“Regarding the reports received on the Settecani water system,” the translated post read. “We wanted to inform you that it was a sudden failure of the production plant of a company in the area. The fault has already been resolved and there are no more problems to the network in question, we reassure that it was a loss of food liquid not harmful to the body and free of both hygiene and health risks.”